En Vocé we help you in the Design of your "Customer Journey", identifying your principal touch-points, pain-points and moments of truth.

We assist you in the design or redesign of memorable experiences through Design Thinking.

Additionally, we create a product that allows you to validate/identify the starting point (TP, PP y MoT) through implicit and explicit insights of your clients.

Customer Experience


In today’s digitalized world, clients are more willing than ever to abandon the brands that no longer gives them remarkable experiences. Having the data isn’t enough nowadays, the challenge is having it just in time!

Going for the insights behind the data, the emotions behind the indicators and being able to manage and act in real time, is what MAKES THE DIFFERENCE today.

What is DXo?

Is a product designed by the Vocé team that allow us to make a validation/verification of the decision’s accelerators in the Customer Journey in a faster way, and with this in mind be able to create a self-managed model of the Customer experience oriented in generating growth through repurchases and referrals.

What is DXo for?

To build an initial map of the TP, PP, MOT based on the client insights and learn DT methodologies that allows you to act and manage in a posterior self-managed model of your Customer experience.

DXo allow our clients to validate/identify the starting point (TP, PP y MoT) trough Customers insights, from an amazing journey in the construction of a self-managed model of the Customer experience oriented to a profitable and sustainable growth.

With DXo we can achive:

  • Construction of Customer Journey Map (CJM)
  • Findings of Touchpoints (TP), Pain Points (PP), y Moments of true (MOT)
  • Workshops DT for redesign of PP.
  • Mystery shopper focused on redesigning experiences.
  • Complementary research methodologies.
  • Experience model construction.
DXo is Vocé Intellectual Property.

Do you want us to accompany you in the experience redesign process with innovation methodologies?

Measure & Act

  • We use Technology omincanal de Qualtrics for the measurement of each interaction of your client in real time.
  • We design the Ideale measuring elementss for each company.
  • We build experience indicators like NPS, CES, LLP, CX.
  • Studies NPS relational y transactional for business B2B, B2C.
  • Correlation between qualitative and quantitative indicators.
  • Correlation between your operative data with your data from experience.

Monetize & Grow

  • Valuation models of NPS based in Voice to voice, referrals and it-purchase
  • Value promoters, detractors and liabilities


To size



That leads to a growth phase based on referrals and re-purchase

Employee Experience


Measure climate once a year, or assess performance now is not enough! Be able to act immediately, by microclimates and checking on permanent pulses, mapping the whole employee’s life-cycle is what your company needs.

En Vocé we help you:

  • Measure Employee Engagement.
  • Employees’ Lifecycle measures.
  • Interviews and exit interviews.
  • Performance assessments.
  • Set up internal indicators as NPS, Loyalty and y Feelings.

Brand Experience


We evolve the way of doing research. We do methodology mixes so you can make studies in minutes with unimaginable reach.

This is what we do for your brand:

  • Prices researches.
  • Product or services concept trials.
  • Prices research.
  • Analysis of the competitors – Benchmark.
  • User Experience.
  • Focus group.
  • Netnography.