In Vocé we look forward satisfaction: We want charmed clients, committed, employees committed memorable experiences. Qualtrics, is a key partner to achieve our essential mission: «Knowing where to hit" With Qualtrics,we had been able to obtain the correct vision at the right moments, democratize information to act and take strategic decisions.

«Clara Salazar»

We are a team committed with the design, programming, implementation and 24 / 7 support, both in our exclusive program Qualtrics, and in our own products.

EThis is to redesign purchase processes and experiences according to the motivators, needs and pains of each person (Human Center Design).

Team Vocé

Andrés Escobar


Graduated with honors of Business Administration and specialist in International Marketing in EAFIT University. Graduated with honors in Management Specialization and MBA focused in international markets of Alberta University, Canada and OPM from Harvard Business School. Employee of national, multinational companies and family business where he has played different roles, including CEO of a Colombian Business Group. Founder of several entrepreneurships. Co-founder of “Vocé”, specialized Customer experience consultant. Co-founder of “Punto Aliado”, first broker of vehicles credit in Colombia. Member of the Directive Board of several Colombian companies. He practices Chi-kung. Graduated in applied neuroscience in the Neuroscience Academy, Australia. Passionate of the organizational culture as base of the strategy, the happiness in the organizational culture, and the principles of the neuroscience applied to the innovation and the formation of high-performance teams.

Clara Salazar

Director and Co-founder

Industrial Designer with broad experience in marketing teams and teaching focused in designing multidisciplinary teams.

University teacher for more than 10 years in workshops of research and market segmentation applied to products development.

Passionate for Customers and experience design. I love dancing, I speak loudly and with passion.

Creator of the brand Pirañamueca, business idea winner as one of the 100 most innovating ideas of the city Medellín in 2015.

Co-creator of Vocé and actual General Director. She has worked with companies like: Imusa, UPB University, San Buenaventura University, Ivive Home China, Autoamérica.


Experience Analyst // Focus Customer Experience and Research

Industrial Engineer, Passionate for Research, Customer experience and outdoor activities.
Actually focused on Customer Experience. Spontaneous, uncomplicated and creative, always willing to keep on learning.

I like team work, that I believe are the best places for innovation. I enjoy literature, admire diversity and the talents of the people that are passionate for wat they do.

For me, planning and having defined objectives is important when I begin a project, but I also value the ideas that pop up on the road because there is where the magic come from in everything I do.

Ana Vélez

Experience Analyst // Focus Research & Employee Experience

International Business from EAFIT University. With interest in marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship.
In love with the good coffee, co-founder of the family brand Café Rameral.

I’m creative and I like to learn, and that’s why I take every task as a challenge.

I get excited with the details. I’m a calm and optimist person. I love reading, practicing Yoga and my freckles.

My passion is writing.

Valeria Foronda

Experience Analyst // Statistical Focus and Customer Experience

Industrial and Administrator Engineer, graduated with honors from National University of Colombia. With knowledge and experience in statistical techniques applied in processes quality control, the re-design of measuring systems and to business analytics in different segments of the industry.
I am identified for the passion in everything I do, what I propose to my self and what I dream… I’m a joyful person, committed and persistent.

I love teaching and I think that teaching is the most beautiful way to learn. I love statistics and I highlight dancing as one of my predilect activities.