We are focused on building with our clients models of self-management of the experience of clients, employees, products and brands in Latin American organizations.



+ Integral model (Experience, Live, T&R and Co-Creation).
+ Our way of working is close, agile and flexible: we are
people working with people, beyond organizations.
+ Because we live the model: we are customers / users.
+ Experience in multiple industries.
+ We believe and practice our strategy: employee happiness as a principle of customer happiness - 360 vision.
+ Technological experience (customer base).
+ More than work, we enjoy what we do.
+ We are “GLOCALS”: Global models applied locally.



We are a team committed to the design, programming, implementation and support of 24 / 7, both of our exclusive Qualtrics tool, and of our own products.
This to redesign processes and shopping experiences according to the motivators, needs and specific pains of people (Human Center Design).

Andrés Escobar


Graduated with honors of Business Administration and specialist in International Marketing in EAFIT University. Graduated with honors in Management Specialization and MBA focused in international markets of Alberta University, Canada and OPM from Harvard Business School. Employee of national, multinational companies and family business where he has played different roles, including CEO of a Colombian Business Group. Founder of several entrepreneurships. Co-founder of “Vocé”, specialized Customer experience consultant. Co-founder of “Punto Aliado”, first broker of vehicles credit in Colombia. Member of the Directive Board of several Colombian companies. He practices Chi-kung. Graduated in applied neuroscience in the Neuroscience Academy, Australia. Passionate of the organizational culture as base of the strategy, the happiness in the organizational culture, and the principles of the neuroscience applied to the innovation and the formation of high-performance teams.

Clara Salazar

Director and Co-founder

Industrial Designer with broad experience in marketing teams and teaching focused in designing multidisciplinary teams.

University teacher for more than 10 years in workshops of research and market segmentation applied to products development.

Passionate for Customers and experience design. I love dancing, I speak loudly and with passion.

Creator of the brand Pirañamueca, business idea winner as one of the 100 most innovating ideas of the city Medellín in 2015.

Co-creator of Vocé and actual General Director. She has worked with companies like: Imusa, UPB University, San Buenaventura University, Ivive Home China, Autoamérica.

Ana Vélez

Experiences // Focus CX & EX

International Business from EAFIT University. With interest in marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship.
In love with the good coffee, co-founder of the family brand Café Rameral.

I’m creative and I like to learn, and that’s why I take every task as a challenge.

I get excited with the details. I’m a calm and optimist person. I love reading, practicing Yoga and my freckles.

My passion is writing.

Ricardo Marulanda

Experiences // Focus CX & EX

I am an Industrial Engineer from the National University currently focused on the Customer Experience and Employee Experience lines, with a great interest in innovation and marketing.

I consider myself a very curious person, so I am passionate about learning about everything in the world and thanks to this I have found tools to deal with all kinds of situations, from work to the person.

I am convinced that teamwork is the best way to carry out a project, everyone's support and experience are key to solving any problem. Highlight in me patience, order and discipline.

I am a very active person, so I use sport to stimulate both body and mind.

I am also passionate about curious facts about any topic in general.

Camila echeverri

Co-creation // Content

I am a Product Design Engineer with an emphasis in Design Management from EAFIT University. I am interested in research, innovation and putting creativity and Co-creation into practice in any field.

I value good experiences and that is why I know the importance of bringing the best to our clients, passionate about learning something new every day of any subject, culture, people or situations that may apply or simply share with the people around me. I adapt easily and I like change.

I consider myself an energetic, creative and responsible person. Drawing and being with my family are my favorite activities. I am good at listening to others and I use their perspectives to improve what I do. I appreciate the challenges and I firmly believe that teamwork and Co-creation are key to achieving results and achieving goals.

Gloria Zuluaga

Senior Consultant // Co-creation // Focus EX

I am a Psychologist and Market Specialist, with more than 20 years working in Human Talent Management, in Managerial and Managerial positions, I have experience in organizations from different sectors, with international impact.

I consider myself a transparent, practical and happy person. I love to read and sometimes do nothing. I love long conversations, wine and coffee.

My purpose is to humanize organizations with my knowledge and experience in generating emotions within the work, achieving leaders and companies raising their level of consciousness.

You can be happy working and when people connect their life purpose with their doing, the wealth is enormous.

Isabel Posada

Experiences // Focus CX

I am an Industrial Engineer from the National University of Colombia, I have great interest in research and analytics.

I am currently focused on Customer Experience and Trends & Research.

I believe that in each project you have to have a balance between being methodical and flexible, in order to meet the proposed objectives without letting go of good ideas!
I love languages ​​and cultures, I speak English and German.

I consider myself a sensitive person, dedicated and with a lot of sense of belonging for the things I do, I think that the most rewarding work will always be the one we do as a team because it drives us to unite our talents with that of other people.

Alejandro Angulo

Experiences // Focus CX & EX

I am a Business Administrator with emphasis on project management from EAFIT University and Commercial Pilot. I have commercial experience in the automotive sector and I am passionate about motor sports.

I consider myself to be a very curious person and always seeking to understand the "why" of what surrounds me. I always try to go beyond what is in plain sight and capture as much information as possible. I really like learning from others and also teaching what I have learned.

I am a faithful believer in how important it is to generate experiences for our clients and to maximize and manage them. Knowing and listening to customers is of vital importance for any company, since it allows making decisions and making strategic efforts that generate more value for the company.

I like to work as a team and generate synergy to guarantee compliance with any proposed goal. I am very observant and I like to focus on the details.

Carolina Arango

Commercial Director

More than 15 years of experience creating value relationships.

Process engineer with specialization in professional marketing, designer of heart experiences.

I am a creative entrepreneur and passionate about giving my clients the best product with impeccable service.

Design strategies, products and solutions based on customer needs; Coordinate work teams, interdisciplinaries and manage suppliers; Adaptability, resilience and execution of activities efficiently and effectively, are skills that I have developed throughout my work experience and that today allow me to face everyday challenges with the best energy.

I believe in the change of society through cooperation, service, example and education.

Manuela Escobar

Experiences // Focus CX

I am an Administrative Assistant Technician. I am currently studying Marketing at the Envigado University Institution. I am interested in gastronomy, confectionery and drawing.

I love animals and I love sharing family time.
I am a very focused person and focused on achieving what I set out to do. I am organized and creative, it relaxes me to draw mandalas.

I love to share my ideas and that my coworkers give me their opinions about it, I think that helps me grow as a person.

Leidy Rhodes

Vocé Live // ​​Coordinator

Business Administrator, currently focused on innovation and generation of memorable experiences for clients. I am creative, analytical and committed to everything I do.

I love customer service, contributing to the personal and professional development and growth of all the teams to which I belong, passionate about learning, continuous improvement, reading and being.

Lover of outdoor activities, practitioner of yoga and meditation ... Knowing and innovating constantly is my motivation.

Monica Estrada

Commercial Director

I am a Civil Engineer from the Antioquia School of Engineering, with a specialization in EAFIT project management. I love the commercial area, this being my current focus.

I have communication skills for managing interpersonal relationships, mental flexibility, negotiation skills, ability to analyze, learn and work focused on results. I like to plan, organize, direct and control different activities.

I love to meditate, paint mandalas, I am a reiki therapist and founder of the venture Let Me Fly. I think we are always accompanied by beings of light and that every step and decision we made was an agreed learning. I like to be in constant learning and seek balance internally and externally.

Ana Girard

Senior Consultant // Co-creation // Focus CX

Business Administrator, Marketing Specialist. I have worked more than 25 years around different topics in the world of marketing.

I have extensive experience leading marketing areas in large product and service companies, with in-depth knowledge of relationship marketing around the customer life cycle (Customer Journey) from its acquisition, knowledge and segmentation, loyalty and growth, to retention (proactive and reactive), always seeking to generate actions to increase their satisfaction and decrease desertion.

I have worked in the consulting world around companies from different sectors supporting and generating strategic marketing and branding alternatives seeking to improve their results.

I am passionate about brand strategy issues that directly leverage their positioning in the minds and hearts of consumers and generate strong links between the two.

I am an optimistic, passionate person, who always look for the positive side of things. I believe that happiness is a way of living, so I seek to put passion, love, joy and color to the world around me.


Emotional Support


Emotional Support